Peel Liverpool Docks

The Brief

In 2015 Peel Land & Property were seeking to upgrade their security on the Liverpool Waters development, a 2 million square metre space with residential, business and leisure use in Liverpool adjacent to the docklands. This space is breathing life back into the historic docklands with housing, restaurants, hotels and offices all part of this desirable, up and coming location. Ian Pollitt, Assistant Project Director at Liverpool Waters, said:

For over 10 years we have developed this project from an
initial idea into the biggest single regeneration project in the history of Liverpool and one of the biggest
of its kind anywhere in the world.

The Peel Group commenced work on the space in 2006 with initial security measures in place at this stage, by 2015 they put the job out to tender as the existing arrangement required staff to be present on all three sites to monitor the systems proactively, costs were spiralling because of this due to the scale and growth of the project. Advanced Security Partners put in a bid for the assessing planning and security implementation measures for building’s 8,12 and the multi-storey car park within Princes Dock, in 2016 building number 10 was added to the scheme.

Our Philosophy

Advanced Security Partners provide a bespoke service to each individual client for every customised project offering in-depth research and testing of security options to address the needs of the project and to provide the most effective and efficient security options. Clarity of images on security cameras, timing detail and individual usage being of paramount importance. Products are selected based on research,
trials, functionality and cost. The brief from Peel Land & Property was to secure the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with limited personal intrusion, cost saving where possible and longevity of products with a five year warranty. This is what ASP provided and continue to provide four years into the project on an ongoing basis.


In order to assess the appropriate equipment for any project, ASP undertake considerable testing. This involves testing equipment for effectiveness in the required role, for a camera this includes the clarity, lighting, range and coverage and the best position for this. The testing involves assessing the distance that a car registration can be read and how clear the imagery and effectiveness of the lighting at 01.00 am. This is vital to provide Peel Land & Property with the coverage, audit trail and peace of mind they require.

The Solution

An existing Fibre network links the 3 buildings and this was re-used. The site wide upgrade enables the Peel Group to monitor and control the buildings from the new MSCP control room or from any other connected Peel location in the future on a reactive basis making alarm management much more efficient. The scheme has the ability to add other buildings within Liverpool Waters on to the network at a later date as and when required.

The remote door opening software allows minimal human interaction and a seamless approach for visitors into the building and those who have forgotten their cards. There is a full audit trail of all entry and exits backed up on the bespoke software, with all data secure and encrypted providing peace of mind to the landlord, tenants and visitors to Liverpool Waters. Confidence in their security is a major part of Peel’s marketing to existing and prospective tenants for the development, they can confidently boast that all aspects of security are covered effectively

Tony Chebrika, Head of Security at Peel Land & Property stated

I am delighted with the work Advanced Security Partners have undertaken to date, incorporating great care and planning along with good customer service to this huge project, they continue to manage the project well and we are so impressed with their work
we have chosen to work with them on several other ongoing projects.