Peel Retail Parks

The Brief

Peel Retail Parks were seeking to upgrade their security at their retail parks throughout the United Kingdom with more than 2 million sq ft of retail space, they now own and manage retail parks in many communities across the UK.

Following the success of other ventures on which The Peel Group have collaborated with Advanced Security Partners, including Media City UK and Liverpool Waters and following the successful tender process, it was felt that ASP would be the perfect security provider for the network of retail parks as they continue to grow. The schemes all consist of mixed-use retail units, including a range of major retail outlets
such as Next and Marks & Spencer’s, restaurants such as Pizza Hut with other ventures such as JD Gyms. The new security proposal takes in to account access to and around site and also out of hour’s attendance, the policy of The Peel Group is to adapt to the continually changing needs of their consumers.

Our Philosophy

Advanced Security Partners provide a bespoke service to each individual client for each customised project offering in-depth research and testing of security options to address the needs of the project and to provide the most effective security options. Clarity of images on security cameras, timing detail and individual usage being of paramount importance. Products are selected based on trials, functionality and cost. The brief from The Peel Group was to secure the retail parks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with limited personal intrusion, a detailed audit trail and cost saving where possible and this is what ASP have provided.


In order to assess the appropriate equipment for any project, ASP undertake considerable testing. This involves testing equipment for effectiveness in the required role, for a camera this includes the clarity, lighting, range and coverage and the best position for this. The testing involves detail such as assessing the distance that a car registration can be read and how clear the imagery and effectiveness of the lighting at 01.00 am. This is vital to provide Peel Land & Property with the coverage and peace of mind they require.

The Solution

The solution provided by ASP fully meets the needs of each individual retail park through the customised plan for each project. The high specification cameras and the precise position of these is the central focus of each plan, along with an intruder alarm system, with the combination and coverage of each camera, the entire retail park can be viewed. Each video is stored digitally and held for a set period of time for audit and to enable investigation if required. The network is configured to link all cameras and this allows all authorised license holders to log in to view any footage as and when required. The system is linked to The Peel Group Control Room at Media City in Manchester where all cameras are constantly surveyed. The correct cabling, stands, brackets and towers are tested for effectiveness in this environment prior to full installation and sign-off, with all legislation such as the Data Protection Act fully adhered to. Broadcast speakers are also a part of
the installation improving the ability to act immediately.

ASP tender to approved contractors ensuring through training and years of experience that the work they undertake in fitting the system will be of the highest quality and confidentiality will be maintained. To date, Advanced Security Partners have planned, researched, tested and project managed systems at the retail parks in Barnsley, Hyndburn, Stockport, Straiton and Trafford with work also underway at Gloucester, Corby, Washington and Yeovil, with hopefully many more to come.

Peel Retail Parks have already seen great results from the systems implemented, securing excellent video footage of incidents on site, vehicles, registration details etc, which has incurred excellent results in criminal investigation.